Sunday, December 31, 2006

No mercy

This morning, like many other mornings, our little one woke us up early, just after six o'clock. First he wants comfort, then he wants milk, then he wants to play with his toy cars. It doesn’t matter to him of course how tired his parents are, or how late they went to bed last night. He shows no mercy... So, I got up and let my wife sleep while taking care of our son. She deserves to rest after a hard weeks work at the UN. When we both worked full time we used to have discussions on who should be with our son early Sunday mornings. But I accept that this is my responsibility now, since I am no longer the breadwinner for the family. After all, it is much better than having to deal with deadlines, zillions of daily emails, supervisors, stressed out colleagues…

Yesterday we heard about another case of no mercy, unfortunately, albeit on a completely different scale. A hideous organized crime, carried out by one government, and backed up and applauded by some others, including the world’s most powerful one. Gruesome pictures were cabled out picturing a bearded man awaiting death with a rope around his neck. Then, a few hours later, more pictures of the same man, dead.

One might say that if someone should be sentenced to death, it is Saddam Hussein. I agree with that. But then again – no one should. Killings signed, approved and undertaken by democratic (or undemocratic, for that matter) governments are NEVER acceptable. First of all because it is inhuman and irreversible. But also because it is futile. It simply doesn’t work. Barbaric acts will always promote new barbaric acts. Especially when sanctioned by government and society in general.

Within a few hours after Saddams execution, over 70 people had died in new bombings. So, what exactly have been, and will be, accomplished by this hideous act? Other than barbaric, bestial revenge? Other than making the man a martyr, promoting more fanaticism?

Sometimes (like now) I miss a real sleep in morning. But then again, it is such a privilege to be a father to this wonderful guy. It outweighs by far any of the little discomforts that parenthood brings along. What is more, I hardly ever experienced any sunrises before he was born. And I have come to realize that are quite nice. Besides, days tend to be longer when you wake up early. More can be achieved. Like writing another blog, for instance. Now THAT is a true accomplishment, is it not?

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